Reopen Dinnington police station Dave Smith and Tim Wells Look North BBC

Dinnington, Anston, Sheffield Rotherham litter picking

We have had a killer clown attack in November, Murder in Laughton December and a further Dinnington murder in Jan.  These type of things are unheard of in Dinnington.  The police station closed down less than 12 months ago.  Other, crime is perceived to be rising.

I raised a petition on Change to reopen the station.  So far 800 people have signed the petition.

Sunday afternoon I and Dave Smith chairman of the local town council did an interview with BBC Look North.  It took two hours but the end result is a clip of fewer than 3 minutes which you can see here.

Rather than having large police stations based in industrial estates.  We need smaller stations dispersed across South Yorkshire, acting as local hubs for police teams across the area.  Police have to be more visible in our communities.

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