Time to sack Carlos Carvalhal at Sheffield Wednesday

I was never happy with Carlos’s appointment in the first place.  I looked at his Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Carvalhal and it didn’t fill me one bit with confidence.  I am not sure who Chansiri took advice from, was it Glenn Roeder.  Glenn Roeder is another one who filled me with no confidence.

Carlos Carvalhal


Carlos Carvalhal over performed last season.  But this season he has had more money to spend, than I can remember a Wednesday manager being given, probably with the exception of Danny Wilson.   Carlos seems to be going backward from last season, he doesn’t seem to have learned from last season’s playoff final.

Replaced to sacked

A few months ago I was asking for Carlos to be replaced, I have now changed that to be sacked.


If Carlos did manage to get the team into the playoffs, I doubt he would even get to a playoff final this season.

Nigel Pearson

I was disappointed when Megson was sacked but the team went on a winning spree after his sacking.  My ideal replacement would be Nigel Pearson.  I wanted Pearson to be Ron Atkinson’s understudy a long time ago.  I am sure that Dejphon Chansiri is already taking advice on an appointment and I think the replacement has to be in by the end of the International period if Wednesday stand a chance of being promoted this season.




3 thoughts on “Time to sack Carlos Carvalhal at Sheffield Wednesday

  1. Been saying it for weeks. At times he seems clueless players out of position, not playing to the skills of our best players and tactics that leave me scratching my head. No excuses now he has had massive backing and as a season ticket holder I feel the team have been miles away from last season and lucky to be as high in the table as we are.

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    1. Who would you bring in? I think Megson has been out of the game too long, but I think he would motivate and play the right system for promotion. Pearson was always my favourite. Who else is out there?


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