Fracking objections Harthill, Firbeck and Anston.

I walk all over the area and love the countryside and keep coming across these posters.  My two concerns about fracking are Earthquakes and water table pollution.  I get a feeling though that this poster is pushing a lot of fake news.




I realise there were earthquakes around the North West when they were doing fracking tests in Blackpool.  However were these pure coincidences, that were natural earth tremors?

Fake news

I can drive a big stake through climate change.  It’s the biggest hoax in history.  Climate change is just that and is driven by the sun and not man.

Water table pollution.

My major concern, but if regulated correctly this shouldn’t be an issue.


There were some horror stories in America, but we are more highly controlled and caring about our people.

Mining industry

At one bit the mining industry scarred our countryside and caused far more pollution than Fracking ever will.

Energy source

I don’t believe this should be for profit by the private industry and profits should be reinvested in future energy sources.  Why should we waste such a valuable source of energy.

Not in my back yard

Many of those who now live in our beautiful villages are townies and not the original country folk.  Village life has been sanitised beyond belief.   They want the benefits of 20th-century living, as long as it doesn’t happen in their own back yard.  I have heard of Townies complaining about the smells of the countryside and ringing church bells.  We need a more secure energy source that isn’t reliant on being imported.  It will also create a number of jobs and reduce our balance of trade deficit.

All the best



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