What’s it like working for Aldi? Online application, interview and work experience Bramley Rotherham

I thought I would write about my recent experience of applying to work at Aldi at Bramley Rotherham.  The straw that broke the camels back was getting a warning letter about parking there after the final rejection letter.

Online application.

I think the application uploaded my CV, but the information was distorted so I had to re-input most of it.  I then had to do an online test.

Interview with area manager

I received notification back that I had been successful at the first stage and received an interview date.  I am all geared up for this and it is cancelled.  My rearranged interview was early Sunday morning.

At the interview. I don’t believe that the area manager knew my name and didn’t have my CV.  Throughout the interview, the area manager kept going on how hard it was to work at Aldi.  To be honest it didn’t look as though this person was physically capable of doing the work Aldi expected of them.  Those with degrees get fast tracked into Area manager roles.

I complained to Aldi after the interview and got a nice letter from an experienced area manager.  I was told that I wasn’t interviewed correctly and that I could have another chance.  I had been interviewed by a trainee manager previously, no surprise what so ever.

(I was told that I would only get a 25-hour contract and that additional hours aren’t guaranteed.  Why don’t they employ fewer people and give people decent hours?)

2nd interview with area manager

At the next interview with the Area manager.  I took along my CV as a precaution.  The interview went much better this time, this time I had to complete a written test.  I was told that the Aldi tills don’t calculate the change.  (Aldi like to think they are efficient, but the store won’t even replace one till with three automatic tills.)

This time I was successful.  I was then booked to do a work experience at 8 am Easter Monday.  This was cancelled Sunday tea time and rearranged for Wednesday 8 am until 10 am.

Work experience.

Aldi parking warning
Aldi parking warning

On first arriving, I asked whether it would be OK to leave my car for more than 1.5 hours?  I was told to give the store manager my registration so they could ensure I got no ticket.

I then had to read through about 10 pages of H&S and sign about 15 times.  I even had to be shown the emergency exits,  really stupid when I was supervised at all times and how do customers go on if there is an emergency?   I was told that after I had read through all the H&S documentation, that the store manager would sit down with me and find out more about me, they didn’t even bother with what I consider to be the most important thing.

The store manager said that they would struggle to remember my name and had to be reminded even though I told them an easy way to remember.  Remember Ronnie Corbet in Sorry, being called “Timothy”.  Funny because the store manager then expected me to remember 10 items and find them in the store.  I was expected to remember the 10 items by them just being said out loud.  The store manager needed the list to remember what items they had sent me for.  I refused to do this without the list.

Left and right hand Aldi stores.

I normally shop in Dinnington, which is mapped out opposite to Bramley.  So when I am being sent around the store to find items everything is opposite to where I usually go.

My work experience lasted nearly 2.5 hours.  When I have talked to other members of Aldi, I am told that some of them only did 30 minutes and didn’t get put through the mill like I was.

Fresh Food

I spend 30 minutes or so in the fresh food section working along with another guy.  I thought this was quite normal.


I then had another 30 minutes stacking shelves with cakes, eggs etc and checking dates.

Frozen food

I then had to help somebody top up the freezers.  This job was extremely cool and the most unpleasant I carried out.


I have worked at Tesco before and you do the trial with real shoppers.  I had to put the same produce through three times, it was a totally false situation and I didn’t handle money.

Jack Trolleys

Finally, I had to use a trolley twice to remove produce from the storeroom to the aisle.  I have used one of these before at Tesco’s, but for moving much bigger items.   It took me a while to get the gist of a slightly different device, but I believe that new female workers would have struggled much more than me when first using this.


It was no surprise to be rejected.  I know it wasn’t my physical strength or ability.  I guess Aldi like to motivate on fear which they will have realised they can’t use fear to control me.  I am a hard worker I proved it at Tesco working on the Beer Aisle on nights for 6 months and ability wise I am a Process control trained engineer and spent 15 years as an IT manager at HSBC.  The only reason I am looking for work is that I tried to set up my own business and haven’t been successful.

Parking enforcement warning

A few days after I received my rejection email from Aldi.  I then receive a warning about parking.  It looks like the Aldi store manager forgot to do something with my car registration number.

Human resources

It looks as though their department is only manned by one person on part time hours.  When you do get through to them in the hours they work, you are never put through to them.


I have since gone online and found out horror stories from staff who worked at Aldi.  Probably not surprised to hear as I shop locally in Dinnington and you can see the grimace on the faces of the staff in the store.

Aldi must be the most unfeeling organisation I have ever come across and wouldn’t have been a pleasant organisation to work for from my 2.5 hour work experience.  £9 an hour isn’t a lot because this factors in a shift allowance, weekend working and they want robots.  

All the best





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