Rotherham Borough General election June 8th 2017

The results of the three constituencies in Rotherham council are as follows.  Rother Valley, Rotherham central and Wentworth and Dearne.

Rother Valley

BARRON Kevin John Labour Party 23,821 ELECTED
EDDY Bethan Sian The Conservative Party Candidate 19,939
HUNTER Lee James UK Independence Party (UKIP) 3,704
MARTIN Paul Neville Green Party candidate 869
PRUSZYNSKI Katie Mary Liberal Democrats 1,155

107 Ballot papers rejected, which sound a lot.  I felt like spoiling my own paper.


The UKIP vote crashed, but bearing mind Theresa May had used this as some type of 2nd referendum.  Most UKIP voters just transferred to the Tories.  At the 2015 election, 10,000 voted Tory and 23,000 UKIP.


If the Tories had been really serious about taking the Rother valley seat, sitting a lame duck like Bethan Eddy was a big mistake.  Bethan Eddy was most likely a remainer, gives an home address of Nuneaton which is 75 miles away.  I doubt that Bethan has the life experiences for the job and ran a very poor campaign. Her mother Amanda Solloway got kicked out of Derby North as the sitting Conservative MP.

EU referendum

Why didn’t the Tories get in contact with me and many others behind the successful Referendum campaign when 67% of Rother Valley voted to leave?  You know where I am if you want help!

Rotherham central

BELLIS James Howard The Conservative Party Candidate 10,017
BOWER Michael Andrew The Yorkshire Party 1,432
CARTER Adam Jonathon Liberal Democrats 1,754
CHAMPION Sarah Deborah Labour Party 21,404 ELECTED
COWLES Allen UK Independence Party (UKIP) 3,316

83 spoilt ballot papers

Really not unexpected in this area of Rotherham, with Labour promising so many freebies.  Doesn’t matter how poor the Labour candidate is, they will vote for Labour.

Wentworth and Dearne

HEALEY John Labour Party 28,547 ELECTED
JACKSON Steven Paul The Conservative Party Candidate 13,744
MIDDLETON Janice Liberal Democrats 1,656

A massive amount of rejected ballot papers 280.  Very disappointed that this constituency didn’t do more to remove the remainer John Healey.







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