Fracking Poll Anston Dinnington Laughton Woodsetts Gildingwells Letwell Firbeck Harthill Thorpe Salvin Kiveton Wales

I am for fracking in our area if it can be done safely and my largest concern is water table pollution.   I have added a poll to find out others feelings on the matter.  But rather than people being selfish I would like them to look at the bigger picture before voting.

Rather than opposing fracking, I would like us to ensure profits are used to find the sustainable energy of the future and invest in it.  I would prefer that fracking was carried out by a nationalised industry, rather than for-profit private companies.

Why should we frack?

  • The UK needs to be sustainable in energy, we can’t rely on importing.
  • Why should other countries do our dirty work.
  • We have a massive asset on our own doorstep.
  • It will create local jobs.
  • It should drive down energy costs.

Dangers of fracking

I think we need to be objective about this and stop listening to a lot of the fake news out there.  We need scientific evidence and not hearsay.

Objections to fracking

You can’t expect to have all the advantages of the modern world as long as it doesn’t happen in your own back garden.  I would call that a very selfish attitude, otherwise known as Nimby (Not in my backyard).

Too many of those living in our once beautiful villages are townies rather than the original villagers who worked the land.  Townies living in villages probably ought to look at their own Carbon footprint, because they aren’t shopping locally and most don’t work locally.



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