Why are the Blades Sheffield United called the pigs?

There is intense rivalry between Sheffield Wednesday and United.  However United seem more concerned with beating Wednesday, than having any great success as a football club.  United last won the Premier division title closer to the time Jack the Ripper was on the loose.

Red and white stripes

For some reason United starting calling Wednesday pigs in the 1980’s.  But as usual, they try to copy us in everything we do.   United have always been known as the pigs because they play in red and white stripes, which looks like Bacon.  I used to have a great Uncle who would go to bed early if Wednesday lost and wouldn’t eat bacon for breakfast and that was back in the 50’s.

I have heard two excuses for United calling Wednesday the pigs.  One big Mel Sterland was known as the flying pig at the time and also because they reckon Hillsborough was built on an old pig farm.

Pig Iron versus Butchers.

Talking to a couple of other Owls today, one said it was to do with Pig Iron, the other because Wednesday players were butchers and wore blue and white aprons.  Wednesday was the day off when they played.


I have seen a posting on Bladesmad saying it is embarrassing to call the Wednesday pigs.


It’s a bit more original if United supporters referred to Wednesday as the Wendies.  Probably as original as they will get.

Box day massacre

Really rubbed the United supporters noses in it back in 1979.  4 nil to Wednesday.  United were leading the division at the time.  Record third division crowd of just under 50,000, which I don’t think will ever be beaten.

Bramall Lane

Wednesday played at Bramall Lane before United ever did.  In fact, Wednesday had about five grounds around the Bramall Lane area.  Wednesday were called the Blades before United, before moving to the Owlerton stadium and changing their nickname to the Owls.  Every stand at Bramall Lane is a copy of the one at Hillsborough, it’s as though they have modeled their ground on ours.

Piggy Lane

I found this interesting sign at Withernsea.  It reminded me about those on the dark side of Sheffield at Bramall Lane.  It must have been their ancestral home.

Piggy Lane
Piggy Lane
Piggy Lane
Piggy Lane





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