Reopen Dinnington police station petition

Dinnington Police station has been closed for over a year now.  As soon as I found out it was closing I wrote to the Chief constable of South Yorkshire and got a very poor response from the Chief inspector of Rotherham policing.

Dinnington murders

Since that date, we had two murders in Dinnington and Laughton.  The Laughton one was in December of 2016 and the Dinnington one in January of 2017.

I decided to raise an online petition to reopen the police station.

Policing levels Dinnington

Even with South Yorkshires current policing levels, for every 1000 people in South Yorkshire, there are 2 police officers.  For Dinnington and Anston with a combined population of 25,000 that is 50 police officers.  I realise that certain functions need to be centralised, but that should still leave 25 police officers to cover our area 24/7.  We are lucky to see two PCSO’s in Dinnington, they generally work 10am until 6pm, what about deterrent outside these hours.  The PCSO’s seem to be working in pairs, which means we aren’t getting two doing the beat separately anymore.

Police station

We are told that they can’t afford to modernise the existing station.  However, South Yorkshire police seem to be able to waste money on massive headquarters across Sheffield.  There seems to be no expense spared on the head quarters at Carbrook in Sheffield.  Alan Billings the police and crimes commissioner and his department is a massive waste of money.

A portable building in Dinnington located centrally in a public area, used as a hub by the police and public wouldn’t cost a fortune.

Prevent crime

Rather than South Yorkshire police spending huge amounts of time and money after an issue, they need to be more proactive and prevent crime.

Petition signatures

A group of 10 of us collected 3,700 signatures to reopen Dinnington police station.  Some local companies were helpful, but many weren’t and wouldn’t even display our paper signature forms.

I delivered the 3,700 signatures to South Yorkshire police station and haven’t ever received a satisfactory response from the Chief constable of South Yorkshire.  His staff officer reckoned that the Chief constable of South Yorkshire would be doing a presentation at the Rother valley college in Dinnington in July, but I have never heard anything since.  The Chief inspector of Rotherham attended a local council meeting, but I believe that a much more senior representative with decision-making abilities should come into our community and discuss our policing arrangement.  We have never had an official response to the 3,700 signatures.

Serious crime increasing nationally

There have been two murders since the police station closed down.  I hear about other major incidents happening in and around Dinnington all the time.  Serious crime across the UK has risen by 18% the last year, no surprises there.  Policing in the UK has become a joke and isn’t fit for purpose.

All the best





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