How effective is Facebook advertising?

Years ago I tried Google Adwords, but it was like pouring money down the toilet.  I am not willing to pay more than 10% of my turnover on advertisement.


I thought I would try and do two quick pilot adverts and see whether Facebook delivered.  Facebook has to approve each advertisement.  For some reason they censored my first advert, giving no reason.  Very strange to say I run a very ethical Hypnotherapy business.

Call to connect advert

I then tried another advertisement which was approved.  Basically, people got to see my facebook page and then this should be converted into telephone calls.  It suggested I would get 3 clicks in 24 hours.  Absolutely nothing and hardly an impression.   The advert didn’t run for the full 24 hour period.

Post advertisement

The 2nd advert I ran was advertising a post on my page.  It suggested I would get from 1000 to 3000 impressions.  On running the advert I received less than 300 impressions.   The advert dropped out about 5 hours before the finish of the 24-hour slot.

Facebook help

I then tried to complain to Facebook.  The trouble is their system is not user-friendly and you can’t speak to somebody on the telephone.   I filled some form out somewhere and somebody came back to me a few days later.  Making all sorts of excuses.  Like we don’t guarantee what we suggest you may get and we don’t necessarily run an advert for 24 hours.   To get only 300 impressions versus their lowest suggestion of 1000.  If I place an ad for 24 hours, I expect it not to run for 5 hours less than that period.  The 5 missing hours were probably the best period of the day for attracting views and the reason I only got a third of the impressions they suggested I would.  I feel as though I have been ripped off by Facebook and they haven’t replied to my further comment.

Facebook is another one of those faceless organisations and not very ethical from where I sit.  Heads they win, tails you lose.  Don’t pour your money down the drain.

All the best





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