Dunkirk the movie Savoy cinema Worksop review

I watched the trailer for the film and it didn’t enthuse me.  But the reviews were so good, I thought I was mistaken and decided to go and watch it.  The first thing that spoilt the film, was the size of the cinema screen in the the Savoy cinema Worksop.   The larger Savoy cinema is OK, but the small cinemas are like watching it on your own TV at home.


I didn’t think the film was very realistic at all.  The area looked far too clinical for a war zone.  The John Mills version of Dunkirk is far better.  There was very little storyline to the film and it wasn’t very informative about the build up or Dunkirk itself.

Sound track

The reviews said the sound track was fantastic.  It was the worst sound track I have ever heard.  I was expecting a great classical piece like Enigma.   Utter garbage.


Very few words and most of it mumbled.


If the film had been produced along the lines of War horse, it would have been an absolute classic.  Was the director scared to produce a patriotic film?

All the best




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