How long will Carlos Carvalhal last this season before being sacked by Sheffield Wednesday?

I am really surprised that Carlos Carvalhal wasn’t replaced at the end of last season.  Carlos had a massive budget and went backwards last season.  I was never happy with him being appointed in the first place, I looked at his wiki and it didn’t inspire me one bit.

Play off final

Yes Carlo Carvalhal over performed the first season.  But he was totally found out in the play off final at Wembley and in the playoff matches against Huddersfield town.

I don’t think many of Carlos’s signings last season performed.  But then again if you don’t provide Jordan Rhodes with service, how does anybody expect him to score.  As for Reach, I am not impressed, when I think of Chris Waddle, Terry Curran and Paulo DiCanio.

I think last seasons signings were very poor value for money, but at the same time Carlos’s tactics aren’t helping matters.


I think anybody would be happy for winning every match by 1 goal, but when you don’t get promoted, then the entertainment value was pretty low and didn’t compensate.

I would be very surprised to see Carlos get past Christmas this year.  The pressure is going to mount on him if Wednesday aren’t in a good position by Christmas.

Nigel Pearson

My choice for manager has been Pearson since Ron Atkinson was manager.  Rather than sacking Big Ron I would have liked to have seen him promoted to director of football and for Nigel Pearson to have been brought in as his head coach.

All the best






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