George Orwell 1984 Free PDF

Managed to get a free copy of this book by searching on the internet.  Updated to Epub and downloaded to my Kobo.   I have been meaning to read this book for quite some time.  The first book I have read in ages.

It’s well worth reading but very depressing.   It starts off bad, you see a chink of light in the middle and then you have your legs kicked from underneath you.

1984 was written in 1948.  The last two numbers in the year were switched around.

Nuclear war.

Orwell was wrong about there being a Nuclear war.  I think lessons were learned as soon as two bombs were dropped on Japan.  Trouble is the North Koreans are ramping up tensions again and haven’t learnt from this.

New world order

Orwell doesn’t talk about the new world order.  He talks of three major groups, with the USA, China and Russian leading them.  These three zones are a continual conflict with each other, but never with the aim of taking the other over.


Was a language created to brain wash the people into conforming.  We have political correctness, a very dogmatic H&S system and Data protection (I believe it is a very flawed system).  I certainly don’t like the sudden explosion in Gender neutral that is going off.  Where has this Transgender suddenly sprung from, what is the ulterior motive?


Orwell talks of Television screens being in most houses that monitor and brain wash you.  Even forcing you to do certain exercise routines.  Even in the countryside, people are being monitored.


He talks about 15% of people being party members, wearing blue uniforms.  The other 85% are Proles or people who behave more like humans and are controlled by brain washing through the party.  Very uneducated and there to do the dirty work.  Sounds like modern day Britain to me, the one the establishment is trying to create by forcing mass immigration on us.

Important words in the Book

So close to what is now happening in the world.

BIG BROTHER is watching you.  The TV program isn’t far away from the truth George Orwell talks about.

WAR IS PEACE.  I did peace marches against the IRAQ war I could see what was coming.  Afghanistan.  Syria.  Libya.  If we aren’t careful Iran will be next.

FREEDOM IS SLAVERY.  It’s in our everyday life.  Over regulation.  H&S dogma etc etc.

IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.  Our children are being brain washed from a young age by the state.  They are taught to pass exams, but not to think for themselves anymore.  Parents are giving more and more control to schools.  Children are being dropped off at 8am and being picked up at 6pm at night.  Education goes on longer and longer, but the children come out worse educated than previous generations.

MINISTRY OF PEACE   Created wars

MINISTRY OF LOVE      Law and order

MINISTRY OF TRUTH    Education entertainment and fine arts

MINISTRY OF PLENTY  Economic affairs.

Before Brexit I could see the EU creating this Orwellian world.  We now have a chance to destroy this unfeeling organisation.  Trade with our friends and neighbours and cooperate when it is to our advantage.  The battle is won but the war isn’t over.

Read the book and form your own judgements.







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