Anonymous statement by a Nurse in the NHS about Covid19 etc.

People in the NHS can’t speak out about what is going off, therefore we have to allow them to do this behind a firewall.  Here goes.

I’m ( …. ) and I’m a nurse.

I’ve been in nursing for 26 years and before that I worked in care homes.

I chose this career because I genuinely wanted to care for people.

Sadly though, I no longer have my heart in a system I have given a large part of my life to

Because our modern healthcare system is not about health.


This INDUSTRY and the pHARMaceutical companies are heavily invested in illness NOT health.

Medicating with toxins, NOT curing.

To cure a patient is to lose a customer.

Its history is based on indoctrination and estranging us from health and naturopathy, demonising natural health, silencing and ridiculing natural health practitioners and its advocates, all to maximise profit for drug companies and keeping people SICK.

I have asked for this to be read out on my behalf because to do so myself would be career suicide.

Anything that goes against the dogmatic beliefs of my colleagues and thus threatens to raise questions in the minds of the masses about the integrity of the industry will be crushed, punished and silenced.

I am actively working towards an alternative career, but I can’t afford to lose my job yet.

I need to live and I refuse to claim any benefits from a corrupt government that will require my compliance in their tyranny in order to receive these so called benefits.

What I have seen over these last few months has been nothing short of heartbreaking.

Like nothing, I have ever known.

What I have seen is not what you have been led to believe by the corrupt media, who are a proxy army of the establishment, people are not dying in their droves as an invisible killer tears through them like a tsunami.

What I have seen are hospitals ground to a standstill, un-naturally and eerily quiet.

Lockdown, social distancing and masks have not saved lives.

They have destroyed lives, divided and dehumanised.

The negative psychological impact on our children and grandchildren will be felt for many generations to come


Many lives HAVE and WILL be lost unnecessarily.

They have been murdered in effect, to be extras in the theatrics of this dark agenda.

Useless eaters as they call us.

Thousands have died at home, too afraid to call an ambulance, going without treatment that could have saved their lives.

It is estimated that an additional 185,000 people in the UK alone, will die from cancer as a result of locked-down services.

All those elderly people that have died at home and in care homes, neglected, isolated from loved ones, ALONE and AFRAID.

Then there are the children in hospitals ALONE.

Parents not allowed to be with them.

I can’t even imagine that level of pain.

Then there are the suicides, there will be more, many, many more.

I work in theatre and have many colleagues around the UK that have told me of their experiences, confirming my suspicions and contradicting the official media narrative.

All operations, with the exception of emergencies and trauma, were cancelled.

Leaving thousands of highly experienced Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare professionals doing nothing across the UK.


Operating theatres closed !!!!

All the while people were being fed by the media that the NHS was in crisis or could be if we didn’t act.

Retired Doctors and Nurses were being asked to come out of retirement to help the NHS and their colleague’s cope.


People told to clap the heroes of the NHS and they did like pavlovian dogs.

I was ashamed and embarrassed to be associated with this because I knew the truth.

I was ashamed to be part of the INDUSTRY

A&E departments were empty across the country.

Beds empty.

Ambulances parked up or driving round empty with their sirens on to contribute to the illusion

GP surgeries closed.

Covid hospitals empty.

Vital investigations stopped.

Hospitals like ghost towns.

Staff making disrespectful TikTok videos.

This week I cried with a patient who had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer at the beginning of the year. Treatment and investigations had been stopped and this patient had been left for MONTHS without CARE and any consideration, worried and anxious about the progression of the cancer whilst it was going un-monitored

I said “I am so sorry ”

The patient looked at me surprised and replied ” its not your fault love”

But it IS my fault, I represented in that moment the system that has lied to and failed this patient and so many more through ignorance, unwillingness to see beyond premeditated indoctrination and unquestioning cowardice.

We as a healthcare profession have done a massive disservice to so many, the ramifications of the lies will be far reaching for a long long time, physically and psychologically.

So now I have chosen to stand up and speak for them and I call on all my colleagues who know the truth to do so too, to speak the truth, so I say …

You need not fear death from a virus that has yet to be proven even exists.

A virus that has NOT been isolated and does not satisfy Koch’s postulates.


If you are to fear anything, fear the physical and spiritual deaths of yourself and loved ones at the hands of the government puppets and their puppet masters.

Fear medical tyranny.

Fear the loss of your freedoms and the continued roll out of the Orwellian New World Order.

Fear the masks.

Fear the vaccine.

We are now living in a dictatorship.

This SO CALLED virus, even with it’s FABRICATED and INFLATED statistics has a death rate, globally, of 0.01%

Or in other words you have a 99.99% chance of survival.

This may not be the case in times to come if we don’t stop what is happening, what is being perpetrated !!!

As I write this ( 27th August 2020) 829,000 people, globally, have died with Covid 19 – Please note WITH not OF

And at the same time 6 million people have died this year of starvation.

This isnt about an alleged killer virus or about saving lives.

If it was about saving lives then where is the health promotion? The health education? Instead we have MacDonalds vouchers as an incentive to be tested for a virus so deadly that you have to be tested to know if you have had it !!!

The government and media are lying and it isn’t the first time they have done this to serve their agenda.

It was widely claimed that in the winter of 2017 /18 there were around 50,000 excess deaths thought to be down to flu when the actual figure was 340 deaths.

The following is a quote from an article in the British Medical Journal June 2018

” … the Office of National Statistics seem to have exaggerated the risk to the public in the region of 150 times …The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee HAVE BEEN COMPLAINING ABOUT THE LOW VACCINE UPTAKE AGAIN but we do not even have any information about the vaccination status of those people who died … There are serious ethical issues both for medicine and the government here which have yet to be addressed ”

They lied to you then to raise fear of death by flu and they are lying now !!!!

They want you to live in fear … they want you to take the vaccine …

The vaccine isn’t about protecting you …

It is about profit for THEM … and POISONING YOU …

This SO CALLED virus is about harming and controlling you …

It is part of the Agenda 21/30 depopulation plan …

Do Not have the vaccine !!!

And so the masks!!!!

Masks aren’t about protecting your health or anyone elses !!!

Contra to general public belief, Surgeons and other theatre staff do not wear masks at all times during surgery, and are doing so less and less

Masks are simply worn to protect the wearer from bodily fluid splashes and the patients open wound from contamination from any foreign bodies from the mouth and nose, never for virus protection and never for any period that extended the surgery time.

However, from 15th June, the Government advised that ALL hospital staff and ALL patients should wear face masks, at ALL times, whilst on hospital premises, with the exception only of when eating and drinking.

I don’t !!!

I am alone in this and have been bullied and reported to management by my own colleagues for not doing so and threatened with disciplinary action.

I still don’t !!!

I have asked management to provide me with conclusive, scientific evidence that masks provide protection against disease and are not harmful, they have failed to do so.

Many of my colleagues are complaining of suffering with increased fatigue, headaches, sore throats, sinus infections, anxiety, claustrophobia, severe mask ache and flaring up of cold sores.


I have asked to see copies of their risk assessments for mask wearing at all times, they have failed to do so !!!

I have looked for where we provide INFORMED consents to patients regarding the wearing of masks at all times and also for the the individual risk assessment that are performed on patients before enforcing ALL patients wear masks at ALL times …

I’ve found evidence of neither.

All I can find is instructions to patients that they MUST wear a mask at all times

I raised this with a senior colleague, their answer !!! ???

“Patients imply consent to wearing a mask by doing so and they do so because we tell them they must otherwise they wont get their treatment !!! ”

All patients, in the hospital I work, have masks on at all times, regardless of any pre-existing conditions that might contra-indicate this …

General anaesthetic patients having face masks placed under O2 masks post surgery, a new practice based on NO supporting evidence of its efficacy or potential harm.

All other surgical patients enforced to wear masks at ALL times.

I have seen some patients oxygen levels dropping post surgery because we are told we must enforce mask wearing at all times, based on NO evidence.


Patients normal oxygen saturation levels are now based on what they are WITH a mask on not WITHOUT …

Patients consenting to this because they believe the lies and fear mongering.

I remove my patients mask. I will not inflict potential harm simply because I am told to do so


I do not social distance, touch is an essential part of my role, if they need me to hold their hand, put an arm round their shoulder, or link up with them when they walk, I do so, no one will tell me not to, no one will tell me NOT to CARE for my patients. One elderly lady kissed my hand and told me the hardest part of all ‘this’ has been going without hugs.

I have stood up at work many, many times, trying to advocate for my patients, raising concerns with my colleagues and management, pleading with them to see beyond the smoke and mirrors. Trying to get them to see that WE as HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONERS should be the ones driving forward how our patients are cared for NOT the Government and NOT the media, that we are supposed to be an evidence based profession not one that blindly follows orders, I am met with deaf ears, vitriol and labelled a ‘ Conspiracy Theorist ‘ charlatan.

As a condition of admission to the hospital I work, all patients are tested Covid negative and have self isolated, yet we treat each and every one of them as if they are a threat to others health and lives.


So the question is what can we do?

It is simple … say NO

NO at each and every step

Take off your masks and tell others to do so too

Say NO to be tested – they are MEANINGLESS, how can you test for a virus that has not been isolated with a test that was not designed as a diagnostic tool …  And I am beginning to suspect the tests are harmful

Say NO to the vaccine … I repeat DO NOT have the vaccine

Use cash

Say NO to the lockdown

Visit your friends and loved ones

Educate people

Empower each other

Research for yourselves


Research Germ Theory and Terrain Theory


Research 5g

Understand how to be healthy and take back responsibility and be responsible for your own health

Understand how and why you are being lied to

Understand how harmful Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy is


Have fun

Hug people

Let your kids play together

Smile at people

Open up your businesses.

Live free and eat well

Nurture your body

Nurture your mind

Strengthen your immune system

Turn off your screens, Turn off the Main Stream Fear- Mongering Lying Media

Connect with each other.


Trust your instincts.

Live the truth, live your truth.


A war is being waged on us, a psychological war, we must wake up, stand up and fight for our own and for others future.



11 thoughts on “Anonymous statement by a Nurse in the NHS about Covid19 etc.

  1. Hello and thank you for this post. Aside from saddening me yet further about these issues – if no one speaks up and speaks out then we are doomed. i am financially and socially straitened for speaking out. i am taking on the government [the for profit corporation called government as they are all incorporated] on record. if everyone did the same then as the overwhelming majority and through sheer weight of numbers, we would win.


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